Reline without fear of a blowout.

Patented multi-dimensional solution providing superior safety and performance, in a wider range of relining applications.

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Patented Technology.

PIP Packer uses patented technology to deliver a more efficient and versatile product, boosting relining results.

Expert Local Support.

We provide local support through an expert customer service team with years of on-tool experience.


Multi-dimensional sleeve or jacket allows for superior safety and performance in a wider range of relining applications.

PIP Evolved on the back of 20 years of relining experience. Designed to overcome the difficulties faced using traditional systems. PIP is a cost-effective system that can allow you to make a profit on your very first job.

PIP is simple, reliable, and versatile.

With challenges including tight access, dimensional changes, differences between pipes made of different materials, blowouts, wrinkles on bends, start-up costs, and inserting the bladder into transitional liners. These have all been overcome by the development of PIP.

Who knew such a simple and versatile packer was available

Who knew such a simple and versatile packer was available, without the high initial and ongoing costs of joining a franchise, or continually forking out Thousands of dollars each time we wanted to change the length of liner we needed to install. The PIP Packer has been a perfect addition to my relining arsenal, giving me relining possibilities that seemed out of my reach.

Simple. Reliable. Versatile.

Advantages: Stronger – Easier – Multi-dimensional – Multiple Cure

  • Other packers can be stiff and difficult to use
  • Other systems can leave wrinkles and creases
  • Other bladders can over inflate near openings
  • Smaller bullet package means easier to insert through liner
  • Smaller package means easier to insert into pipe in tight spots
  • Sleeve and Jacket are suitable to use on bends
  • Safe in a void or junction

The most versatile packer

With many years of experience in using all types of reline installation technology, I can say that the PIP Packer is the most versatile packer available on the market.

Components & Application.

Made from components manufactured to the highest quality in both Australia and abroad to be stronger and easier to use in a wider range of situations.

We have created the most versatile pull-in-place system in the industry, it can be used where other systems cannot.